Fall 2018 Update


         In the Fall of 2018, around 27 people attended the November dinners and 48 for the December dinners. This is a well-attended event in which people learn more about Elder John Kline, life in the home and the Shenandoah Valley during the Civil War in the fall of 1862.

           No Church of the Brethren Workcamp came to work at the Homestead in 2018 due to National Youth Conference in Colorado. However, the Old Order Brethren came June 21 for their annual Heritage bus tour. They, too, met John Kline who shared his story. Tour guides showed them the grounds and the house.

        Also, last fall 112 Broadway High School AP and Honors History students walked over to the Homestead for a tour. This is part of the Rockingham County Public Schools effort to include local history in the curriculum for all levels of education. Most of the high school students didn't even know the Homestead was here and knew nothing about Elder John Kline. So the two days of tours increased their appreciation for this unique place and story of local history.

        In addition, several art classes from Broadway High School came over to sit on the grounds this fall to sketch their observation of the surroundings. Their teacher expressed appreciation for allowing her students to walk over to a special place for their creative work.



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"John Kline was arguably the most beloved personality in Brethren History."

-Donald F. Durnbaugh

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