Located in the heart of Broadway, the Homestead is open to the public for many different events throughout the year. Come for a tour, stay for dinner, or even stay overnight!

  • The Homestead hosts homemade candlelight dinners with period food and visits from family members and neighbors impacted by local events during the Civil War.


  • Bring your church's youth for a workcamp to maintain the property and learn about John Kline's life.


  • Come tour the home and explore the property to learn about John Kline's life and his ministry.

The John Kline Homestead is a Federal tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization that has been established to receive contributions to preserve the Homestead and to administer its use and development.

  • Jonathan Garber
  • Steve Longenecker
  • Daniel Neher
  • Paul Roth
  • Teresa Townsend

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We invite you to spend time learning more about the history of Elder John Kline and the early Brethren in the Shenandoah Valley.


"John Kline was arguably the most beloved personality in Brethren History."

-Donald F. Durnbaugh

To plan your visit, please contact :

Paul W, Roth

Mailing Address: 3745 Nutmeg Court, Rockingham, VA 22801-5309

Phone: 540-421-5267

Physical Address: 223 East Springbrook Road, Broadway, VA 22815

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John Kine Homestead, 223 E Springbrook Rd, Broadway, VA
Mailing Address: 3745 Nutmeg Court, Rockingham, VA 22801-5309